Toddlers can be very challenging as most of them love to get busy with running around and owning whatever their hands can touch. However, we at Apple Seed Academy know exactly what to do when presented with the behavior of toddlers. We have rooms and facilities that are child-proof to ensure the safety of your children.

Rest assured that all our staff members are knowledgeable about child growth and development, as well as their needs. Even though letting your little one separate from you can be very tough at first, we guarantee proper weaning and the development of further independence and learning of your little one.


Kinder Readiness

We aim to give your child a head-start at his or her education. Apple Seed Academy believes that building relationships at this age is a crucial part of their development. Self-confidence is important, and we endeavor to bring out the best in your children while in our care.

Group activities, problem solving, discovery, adventure, and much more will be included in our program itinerary. We'd like to inform you of appropriate activities for your child and would appreciate any clarification you can give us to help with his or her development.


Summer Programs

Apple Seed Academy maximizes learning even during summer times for your kids. Instead of just letting them stay at home, enroll them for a more adventure-filled and worthwhile summer activity here in our center. Our summer sessions can guarantee the following benefits for your child:

  • Social skills development by fostering teamwork
  • Heightened awareness for their environment
  • More independence while promoting the feeling of group living
  • Increased awareness of the relationships between children


Pre-School 1

As your toddler begins to walk and eat solid foods, they will be introduced to our Preschool 1 classroom. This room is filled with an environment that will help with your toddler’s quest for independence. They will learn walking, talking, and a sense of discovery, while developing language skills through investigative and meaningful learning experiences.

We will place your child in a fun and interactive schedule that will include indoor and outdoor play, creative art, social and emotional development, and much more.

Pre-School 2

Two year olds are constantly in motion, and they use their natural curiosity for hands-on discovery. Our Preschool 2 classroom is filled with activities that will allow your child to develop his or her creative expression and cognitive skills.

This classroom is also our “potty training” classroom. We use positive reinforcement to train your child to be an independent potty-trained preschooler.

Pre-School 3

Three year olds are filled with higher-level thinking skills that will be enhanced in this classroom. We will build on their “I can do it!” attitude through integrated, hands-on learning experiences.

This classroom is filled with experimentation and exploration to build on language, math, social, and motor skills with fun and challenging experiences.

Pre-School 4

As your child turns four years old, they start gaining independence and self-confidence with their growing abilities. We will be helping them achieve readiness skills that are needed for kindergarten.

This classroom is filled with exciting challenges and experiments to keep your child learning and busy before the next stage of life begins for them. They will be learning language development, literacy, math, science, creative expression, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, and physical health and development.